Green Business is Good Business 

It’s not enough to simply talk about it – we need to walk the walk. We’ve vetted our entire operation so that you can be sure you’re purchasing the most sustainable printing in Canada. From the paper used to print, to the energy used to power our building, to the mode of transportation for delivery, we’ve left no stone unturned.

Green Energy Printing 

Not only is forest-free Sugar Sheet one of the most sustainable paper choices available to business and government today, but now the printing on the paper is equally as sustainable. In partnership with Bullfrog Power, Royal introduces another first for BC – printing produced entirely with green energy. With the help of green energy certificates audited by Deloitte, our printing facility places wind energy and landfill natural gas onto the grid equal to our usage, resulting in net zero emissions and saving 4 tons of CO2 per month! Sustainable printing on Sugar Sheet Paper at no additional cost; that’s the Royal promise.

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Low-Emission Delivery

In order to ensure a green supply chain for our printing, we needed to find a sustainable alternative to shipping and logistics. We’ve partnered with Vancouver-based Eeko Couriers. Their unique fleet of hybrid vehicles (and a bicycle channel downtown) delivers our printing throughout the lower mainland and reduces CO2 emissions by over 50%. This solution has provided us the ability to deliver the most sustainable printing with a quick turnaround and low cost.

Waste Reduction

One of the largest waste streams in printing is paper, and most paper is wasted during the press setup process for each order. In partnership with Heidelberg, Royal has invested in press technology previously only available in Toronto. As a result, press waste has been reduced by 90%, press setup times are 40% faster, and our price for printing has never been lower. Any remaining waste paper is recycled along with plastics, metals, and inks.