Make the Most of Your Sustainable Printing with EcoInsight

By switching to Sugar Sheet, your organization will reduce deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and water consumption. EcoInsight adds transparency around these measurable environmental savings, helping to maximize the value of your sustainable printing purchases.

Online Visibility

All environmental savings are continually accumulated for your organization and available to view online, making the process of integrating sustainability fast and seamless. Over time, it really adds up! When more detailed environmental savings information is required, myRoyal provides online access to savings reports for auditing, compliance, and reporting. You may also download a personalized certificate showing your annual savings and celebrate your contributions to the planet!

Using an EcoIcon

From the moment a quote is created, EcoInsight makes environmental savings visible and trackable. Each quote displays the projects environmental savings data, highlighting the positive impact of your decision to print with Sugar Sheet paper. Choose to add an EcoIcon to the bottom corner of a print project to highlight your savings. You can select a generic icon or a more detailed version that includes the exact savings data for that project.


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