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Keycard Holder Envelopes

Keycard Holder Envelope printing fills many purposes. Here are just a few ways you could print keycard holder envelopes:

  • Hotel Key Card Holder
  • Gift Card Holder
  • Key Card Sleeves
  • Cred Card Protector Sleeve



If you’re looking for affordable, low cost keycard holder envelopes, the commercial printer you choose will depend on the size and quantity you require. Some printing services are more suitable for small envelope printing runs of less than 500 and others have equipment that is best for 500,000+.



If you’re looking for keycard holder envelope services, Royal can help. We print custom envelopes on a variety of sustainable papers. If you’d like a quote, simply click the “Request a Quote” button to get started. If you do not have artwork and would like a free template to design your custom envelopes, click the “Keycard Envelope Template” button.

Product Details

Standard Size:
2.25" x 3.5"
Standard Turnaround Time:
4-6 Business Days
Minimum Quantity: