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HOT OFF THE PRESS: BC Safety Authority’s State of Safety Report

While they’re known for their dedication to technical safety in British Columbia, BC Safety Authority is also demonstrating their commitment to sustainable and environmental practices. The State of Safety Report, along with two other reports (the companion document, State of Safety At A Glance, and their Annual Report), were published in May and printed on 100% forest-free Sugar Sheet.

By printing 150 of their 120-page their reports on Sugar Sheet, the BC Safety Authority achieved the following environmental savings:

                                                                                       8 Trees        295 Kg of CO2

 How It’s Made…

  • One of the most effective ways of keeping costs low in smaller print runs is by printing digitally. Digital printing presses are perfect for short runs of 1 to 500 copies. Each edition of the State of Safety Report is printed in full colour.
  • It’s all in the paper – as mentioned above, this edition of the State of Safety Report was printed on 100% tree-free paper called Sugar Sheet. For the inside pages, the specific paper type is uncoated 60# text. While gloss and silk coated papers are more showy, uncoated paper provides its own benefits; it’s easier to write on, and it’s easier to read because it doesn’t shine under light. These details make this paper an ideal option for reports.
  • These books also feature hidden-coil covers. The benefit of this cover style is simple: it creates a professional look (similar to a perfect-bound spine) at a reduced cost. This allows for text along the spine that will display on a bookshelf. The covers were printed on Sugar Sheet 15pt paper, which provides a sturdy exterior for the reports. The coil bind also lets the document sit open – a great feature for reference documents that are used frequently.

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