Brochure Printing Vancouver Can Grow Your Business

How Brochure Printing in Vancouver Can Help Grow Your Business

Brochure Printing Vancouver

If you’ve heard rumours uthorbout printed promotional materials being a thing of the past, this fast fact proves that to be greatly exaggerated: Over half of the consumer market says that they trust printed materials more than any other form of marketing – and yes, that includes online ads.

In this post, we’re telling you exactly how brochure printing Vancouver can help to grow your business. You don’t want to miss this advice.

1. You Have Greater Creative Freedom

When creating a brochure, you don’t have to worry about writing your content to be indexed for search engines. Be honest: keyword stuffing, linking, and everything else you need to do to make sure your online content gets on the first page of Google can be a real headache.

It can also stifle your creative freedom.

With brochures, and print marketing in general, you’re not writing for anyone but your customer. It’s also just as effective as SEO strategies when it comes to reaching your target market.

Brochures are a highly targeted form of advertising, and they allow you to express yourself and your company’s values in any way you want.

2. Brochures Allow You To Include More Content

We all know that social media is an important part of marketing. But sometimes, you just can’t explain all the awesome features of a product, or the unique services your business offers, in 140 characters or less.

Even if you’re creating longer posts online, it’s easy for anyone’s attention to wander on the Internet.

However, when you create a brochure, you have the space and the attention of the reader for long enough to really tell a story. Instead of learning the basics of the product/service, you can go into detail about your company history, the selling points of your top products/services, and more.

You can also add glossy, eye-catching images and effects to further entice people to keep on reading.

Brochures are like miniature magazines for your customers. You can even include coupons for discounts on their next purchase.

3. They’re Cost-Effective

Of course, in addition to learning about why brochure printing services in Vancouver are so valuable, we know you also want to hear about the costs associated with them.

Luckily, brochures are incredibly cost-effective, and are a wonderful investment in your business for several reasons.

Depending on the quantity that you print, your brochures could be as little as pennies per print. Keep in mind that each print could be shared with a number of people, resulting in multiple impressions. Not to mention, they’re likely to sit on a desk and be viewed multiple times. For these reasons, when compared to the cost per impression for online ads, brochures are definitely offering more bang for your buck.

Additionally, you’re also able to buy larger quantities of brochures for a lower cost. This means that the more you buy, the more you’ll ultimately end up saving!

4. Brochures Are Easy to Give Out

We all dream of a marketing plan that’s actually convenient. Brochures are the answer! They’re incredibly simple to distribute and are small enough to fit just about anywhere.

In fact, the more creative you can be with where you distribute your brochures, the better.

Plus, since they’re so small, more businesses are likely to let you leave a few in their stores, meaning more sets of eyes on what you have to offer.

Unlike a billboard, which stays fixed in one place, or a newspaper ad, where you have to pay for the space you’re using to advertise, brochures can travel anywhere. Alternatively, toss a brochure inside a package you’re sending out to a prospect or customer.

For small local businesses, handing out brochures presents you and your staff with an incredible opportunity for team building. To help coworkers build trust and learn to work together, we suggest dedicating an afternoon to “canvasing” with your brochures.

People are much more likely to continue to buy from a company that they feel they connect with and “know”.

5. They Help to Build Your Brand

As you may know, having a consistent brand message is incredibly important when it comes to growing your business.

If you already have a logo, a motto, and company colors, brochures will help to build your brand by offering you one more way in which to get into the minds of both current and potential customers.

They’ll also help to establish your brand as an authority within your industry. You’re the one providing the information, telling the story, and offering the products! They’re a great way to build trust between your brand and the consumer.

Ready to Take Advantage of Brochure Printing Vancouver?

Are you tired of seeing your profits plateau? Do you feel like your current marketing efforts just aren’t working? Are you ready to try a new tactic, one that’s actually effective when it comes to marketing your brand?

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We’re also committed to using sustainable printing methods, so you’ll be able to reduce your environmental impact while keeping your costs down.

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