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HOT OFF THE PRESS: TransLink’s Tree-Free Edition of “The Buzzer”

Translink Buzzer Brochure Print

Shortly after celebrating 100 years in print, TransLink’s free onboard publication titled “The Buzzer” now has another achievement to celebrate; the most recent edition of The Buzzer was printed on Sugar Sheet and is 100% tree-free.

The switch to a more environmentally friendly option was an easy one for TransLink to make, as it goes hand-in-hand with the organization’s commitment to sustainability. By printing The Buzzer on Sugar Sheet, TranLink is on track to achieve the following annual environmental savings:

84.42 Trees

3302.22 Kg of CO2


How It’s Made…

  • In order to maximize the amount of content in each edition, The Buzzer consists of 4 panels of information and is then folded in half twice. This is called a “Double Parallel Fold”.
  • One of the most effective ways of keeping costs low in large print runs is by limiting the number of ink colours. Not only does it reduce setup time, but it could also mean that your project could be eligible for a more efficient printing press. Each edition of The Buzzer is printed in Black + 1 colour.
  • It’s all in the paper – as mentioned above, this edition of The Buzzer was printed on 100% tree-free paper called Sugar Sheet. The specific paper type is Uncoated 60# Offset. While gloss and matte coated papers are more flashy, uncoated paper provides its own benefits; it’s easier to write on, it’s easier to read because it doesn’t shine under light, and it typically offers a sharper fold.

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