One Easy Business Change That Can Cut CO2 Emissions by 50%

Eeko Sustainable Delivery Trucks

At Royal Printers, we are constantly looking for new ways to help our customers lead the marketplace as sustainable businesses. Sustainability is a core value that we’re passionate about, and it’s important we walk the walk.

Delivery and shipping is one area that any business can make a more sustainable part of their operations. As a print shop with many large machines, it makes the most sense to centralize our operation instead of spreading it out. This of course means a lot of courier deliveries spread out across the province. The environmental impact of shipping all of our orders to customers across BC was significant – and it had to be reduced.

We examined various options including grouping orders, and reducing the number of pick-ups. These options, however, would be less convenient for customers. One solution provided us with the ability to deliver our promise to customers: quick turnaround and low cost, all while remaining as eco-friendly as possible.

We discovered Eeko Couriers (, a local company who is leading their industry in sustainable delivery and business practices. Eeko is founded by three brothers, and aims to make a positive change in the freight/courier industry. Their unique fleet is made of 100% hybrid vehicles (and a bicycle channel downtown) which allows them to reduce distribution and delivery CO2 emissions by over 50%. They continue to take part and support local sustainability initiatives such as Climate Smart and the BBOT (Burnaby Board of Trade) Sustainability Committee.

As more and more businesses recognize the importance of a greener supply chain and operations, companies such as Eeko Couriers will continue to grow and become more common. By making that one easy business decision to use a sustainable courier company we were able to cut CO2 emissions from our customer deliveries by 50%.

What are you doing to reduce your CO2 emissions associated with your business operations? Let us know, we would love to profile and share your sustainable business practices on our blog.

To learn more about Eeko Couriers, click here.