HOT OFF THE PRESS: Omega Nutrition’s Tri-Fold Brochures

Trifold Brochures Omega

Hot Off The Press is a recurring blog post series highlighting recent case studies of interesting and unique print jobs, such as tri-fold brochures, completed at Royal Printers. It’s our hope that you’ll find this blog to be a source of inspiration and ideas for your next printing piece!

In this edition of Hot Off The Press, we showcase Omega Nutrition’s Product Booklets. Omega Nutrition is a worldwide premium manufacturer of Flax Oil, essential fatty acid blends, and other nutritional products. Interestingly, they were the first company to introduce Flax Oil to the North American market.

Omega wanted to produce a product booklet to highlight their nutritional products and provide customers with recipe ideas. The booklet is given to retailers, and then handed out to end customers. The tall, narrow design reduces the amount of customers’ counter space required. With a focus on sustainable printing, this booklet was printed on Sugar Sheet made from 60% sugar cane waste. Omega saved 1.5 trees and 216 kg of CO2 from this one order!

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