HOT OFF THE PRESS: Bootlegger Scratch & Win Tickets

Scratch & Win Tickets Printing

Hot Off The Press is a recurring blog post series highlighting recent case studies of interesting and unique print jobs completed at Royal Printers. It’s our hope that you’ll find this blog to be a source of inspiration and ideas for your next printing piece!

In this edition of Hot Off The Press, we showcase Bootlegger’s Scratch & Win Tickets.

Bootlegger is a popular casual fashion retailer with locations across Canada. In support of Bootleggers newly relaunched namesake jean brand, the marketing team at Bootlegger decided to print Scratch & Win cards to distribute in-store to encourage customers to TRY ON the new jeans. Potential winnings include 20%, 30%, or 40% off any pair of jeans, as well as a few cards for a “Free Pair of Jeans”.

We wanted to ensure that their signature dark grey colour was bold in order to maintain brand consistency. This was accomplished by printing the front of the card with a double coating of grey ink. Additionally, we put on an aqueous matte coating which gives the card a silky feel. Once the prints dry, the scratch portion is silk screened with a highly opaque silver ink, which eliminates any transparency. The ink itself is “scratchable”.

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