5 Fast Facts About Your Paper Usage

Fast Facts About Paper

While total paper consumption in North America has declined, it still remains a major threat to our forests (1). To put this into perspective, here are 5 Fast Facts about paper:


1. What percentage of logging is done in order to make paper?

40% of the world’s industrial logging goes into making paper, and this is expected to reach 50% in the near future (1).


2. How do other countries stack up when it comes to recycling?

77% of paper is recycled in the Netherlands (2)

67% of paper is recycled in Germany (2)

52% of paper is recycled in Japan (2)

45% of paper is recycled in the U.S. (2)


3. Other than recycled paper, do consumers have any other options for eco-friendly paper?

Agricultural papers (AgriPapers) have become an increasingly popular option. Wheat Sheet, for instance, saves one tree for every two boxes, which is virtually equivalent to 100% recycled at a fraction of the price (3)


4. How much unopened junk mail actually ends up in landfills?

In the United States, approximately 44% of unopened junk mail goes to landfills (1).


5. What percentage of overall waste in Canada is paper and paper board?

About one-third of our waste is paper and paperboard (4).


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