New Print Press Reduces 90% of the Waste Created by Colour Printing

Print Press Reduces Waste

Business today still relies heavily on colour printing to support their operations. However, did you know that a tremendous amount of waste is created when a company orders business cards, invoices, brochures, cheques, and other printed materials?

Colour printing without waste is now a reality in Vancouver. With the introduction of the first printing press of it’s kind in Western Canada, Royal Printers now combines waste-free printing with a complete line of coated and uncoated paper made from agricultural waste providing the highest level of sustainable printing in Western Canada. Importantly, Royal’s new sustainable printing process is provided to customers at no additional cost compared to traditional printing.

“We believe most companies want to know their printing has minimal impact to the environment while also ensuring they receive quality printing at a competitive price. Our new printing press ensures customers will receive everything they want in order to support their business values and budget,” explains Bryce Gieschen, Director of Marketing at Royal.

In order to set up an offset print run, press operators often waste around 200-300 sheets before getting everything set. Royal’s new press only requires 20 sheets to set up, which means approximately 90% less waste and lower setup costs.

If your business is committed to protecting the environment and also prints color marketing materials, business cards, brochures, booklets, folders, etc., Royal’s new press is the perfect solution.  At Royal, we are proud to work with clients to save trees, reduce carbon emissions, and help position their business as a sustainable leader.

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